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Pete Halliday

Membership/Special Events Committee
Video Production /Content Committee

Pete Halliday’s love for television and all things media started at a very young age, and being a part of the industry was something he always knew would be his eventual path.

In his current role as Director of Production for 90 Degrees West in St. Louis, Pete collaborates with large advertising agencies and the world’s biggest brands in producing nationally recognized television commercial campaigns, branded content and long-form programming across all platforms and media outlets.

‘The Mid America chapter is full of amazingly talented journalists, production professionals and executives who work hard at not only their craft, but moving the chapter forward.  I am truly honored to be part of this region and to work with the Board of Governors.’

Pete is a multi-EMMY award winner and has been recognized with the honor across the Ohio, Lone Star, and Mid America chapters for his work as a producer, director and writer.