Emmy Statue

What We Do

Co-Chairs: Anne-Marie Berger and Sherie Small

The Awards/Judging Committee is responsible for developing the annual call for entries, overseeing all phases of entry processing, initial arbitration of entry and nomination challenges, coordinating the entire judging process with other chapters, managing the judging panel selection and schedules regionally in order to adhere to the other chapter’s EMMY schedule, and maintaining a working relationship with the chapters judging the Mid-America chapter’s entries.

Chair: Andy Likes
The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining and increasing the positive image of the regional chapter and the Academy to its membership and the community. It is charged with the creation and design of messages, and works closely with the Program and Awards Committees to guide the publicity surrounding all NATAS chapter events.
Social Media:
The Social Media Subcommittee is responsible for the coordinated use of social media (FB, Twitter, Email Blasts, etc) for the promotion of chapter events/news.
Kenny Reynolds, Boyd Pickup, Joy Robertson, Scott Troehler, Rick Waggener

Chair: John Paul
Committee:  Bob Miano, Tony VillasanaMelissa Greenstein
, Linda Williams, Brett Akagi
The Education Committee is responsible for the creation, design and implementation of programs that foster relationships within the high school and college communities. These programs include High School Student Television Awards, Career Days at regional television stations/production facilities, and coordinating workshops, mentoring and internship opportunities.   The Education Committee also advises the Board on the scholarship amounts that will be awarded annually. Additional subcommittees can be formed to meet objectives, as needed.

The Scholarship/Fundraising Committee is responsible for overseeing the annual selection and awarding of the Walter Cronkite Scholarship as well as the optional Governor’s Award Scholarship

Chair: Tom Rogers

The Emmy Production Committee works with the show producer and chapter administrator to plan the Gala theme, show elements, and Gala day events – including the Reception and After-Party.
Committee members: Rick Waggener, Anne-Marie Berger

Chair: Pete Halliday
The Membership/Special Events Committee is responsible for developing strategies to encourage new membership, and implementing benefits and programs for current members. Strategies can include recommending guest speakers, planning social events with regional appeal, finding discounts/benefits for members, identifying tie-ins with educational events as well as the annual awards.
Committee members: Becky Clark, Rich Kurz, Jen Plas, Curtis Varns, Angie Weidinger

  John Paul
The Scholarship/Fundraising Committee is responsible for overseeing the annual selection and awarding of the Walter Cronkite Scholarship as well as the optional Governor’s Award Scholarship (when available), conducting an annual review of the scholarship application process and suggesting any needed updates, organizing fundraising events for the scholarship fund.

Chair: Kris Ketz
Committee: Kenny Reynolds, Brian Thouvenot, Chuck Maulden, Domonique Benn
The Silver Circle committee is responsible for soliciting nominees annually for induction into the Silver Circle, the review and selection of the candidates, and updating the application process.   Additionally the committee is responsible for selecting possible candidates for induction into the Gold Circle.

Chair: Steve Grant
Committee Members: Dominique Benn, Kenny Reynolds, Rich Kurz, Ellen Nesselride Jasa, Todd Faulkner, Phil Hoffman, Sheila Condon Rice
The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for the acquisition of trade-outs, sponsorships and advertising dollars to help offset the cost of events and programs.  The Committee also strategizes opportunities for regional partnerships and national sponsorships, particularly when there are tie-ins to the industry.