EMMY® Judges


 If you have two or more years of experience in the field, please get on our email-judging list. We will send announcements via email when judges are needed and for which categories.

Log into your account to check on categories currently available for judging, to review your judging assignments, etc.

Entries made to this Chapter will be judged by panels assembled by other NATAS Chapters. These panels should be comprised of no fewer than 7 judges who shall be certified as peers. No more than 3 judges on a panel may be employed by the same station or company. Judges may not have a conflict of interest, which is described as having a direct involvement in the production of an entry, or having a personal relationship with a member of the production staff of an entry. Group ownership, by itself, does not necessarily create a conflict of interest.

Entries are judged against a standard of excellence and do not compete against each other. There may be one award, more than one award or no award given in each category. Any exceptions will be noted in the category description.

The success of the Emmy® Awards process depends on the willingness of  qualified professionals to serve as judges. Peers in other NATAS Chapters are serving this Chapter’s entrants.  This Chapter will judge other Chapter’s entries. By entering, you agree to serve as a judge when asked.

All entries sent to judges for screening are deemed to be eligible by the Chapter whose work is being judged. For that reason, judges are required to score each entry regardless if they feel it has been placed in the wrong category or might have technical problems. Forms are available should judges wish to challenge any entry. On challenge entries, judges are asked to score without bias, even if they believe an entry is not in an appropriate category.

Judges Log-In Site:
To access the category you’re assigned use the judging code sent to you by your chapter administrator.  Each category has its own unique code. Keep this in mind especially if you are judging more than one category.

Enter the code in all three fields on the first log in page. As with all things tech, it’s essential you enter the correct code in all three fields. Make sure the three codes match. Sometimes there’ll be an extra remnant space or letter in the code.



You’ve tried to log in and now you’re locked out.  It happens, especially if you’ve had a problem logging in. Best to clear all efforts and begin again. Click this link to clear all previous attempts:

And then log back in to the judging site and try again. Judges get locked out when trying to use the wrong code on the first log in page: Be sure you are using the code in all three fields on the first page. If you continue to have a problem, please send an email and include the category name and most importantly, the CODE you are using to log in, along with your phone number. We’ll get back to you asap.

Learn the entry process from the inside out! EMMY® judging is both a privilege and an obligation. Entrants with at least two years of experience are obligated to judge several times during the year.  Membership is not required.

Those who judge report a better understanding of the EMMY® entry process, of what judges look for in entries, and how best to present their work when they enter. Judges also report a great deal of satisfaction in knowing they are part of a community of professionals who give of their experience and time.

Consider all that is learned from judging and it’s not surprising that many who judge often have multiple EMMY® awards to their credit.


The Mid-America chapter is one of nineteen regional chapters of NATAS. We recognize excellence in the industry with the awarding of the regional Emmy® statuette. Peers judge entries from other chapters.

Each year Mid-America receives upwards of 800 entries from across our region. Peer professionals from the other eighteen chapters judge these entries.  Keep in mind, it takes a minimum of SEVEN judges (no more than 3 from the same company) to judge each category.

In return, we here in the Mid-America region are asked to judge entries from the other chapters.

Peers need to have at least two years of hands on experience in the area being judged.