Emmy Statue

Bob Garger


Photo Cred: Doug Howell Photography








Inducted in 2007

News Writer Bob Garger’s first job after graduating from SLU was with UPI, covering Gussie Busch’s purchase of the Cardinals and the local conviction of an IRS official. KSD-Radio-TV was next on his resume. He joined their staff in 1954 and was the first reporter on the scene of the 1957 evacuation of the Frisco RR building, as well as the disastrous 1959 tornado that killed 21 in St. Louis.

In the early 1960’s, when the news operations were still exclusively male, Bob wrote the 15-minute newscasts that aired on television at 5PM, 6PM and the 10-minute cast at 10PM. Those were the days when the national stories came by way of Parcel Post from either NY, LA or Chicago. Life was a little slower. Bob fondly recalls the stories that ignited passion and pride in St. Louisans –those momentous events like the Cardinals winning the championship and the day the completed ARCH majestically graced the banks of the Mississippi.

In addition to news writing, Bob produced series and documentaries for KSDK, working on civil rights stories, labor management and other specials. His career at KSDK spanned 39 years, until he retired in 1993. It wasn’t long before he was back at KSDK, working part time as a film archivist in the KSDK library. He and Ray Hoffstetter are in the process of converting 90 MILES of film to tape in the interest of historical preservation. When not working, Bob enjoys playing tennis, walking, creating historical compilations of the Best of the St. Louis series, and serving as an OASIS volunteer.