Emmy Statue

Ray Hoffstetter



Inducted in 2007

Ray Hoffstetter began working at KSD-TV, known now as KSDK, in 1948 just a year after the station went into operation. A stagehand then, Ray recalls the heydays of television when all shows and commercials were live. He worked on shows such as Charlotte Peters, Laclede Little Symphony, Corky the Clown and Home Making with Wilma Sims.

Ray worked as video cameraman and editor from 1976 until he retired in 1992. During that time he also covered special events and promotions. He covered stories while in a WWEE B-17 from Minneapolis to St. Louis and on the ground in Operation Desert Shield with Dick Ford in 1990. The career highlight of this former Navy man who served in both WWII and the Korean War, occurred in 1991. Ray was part of the final voyage of the battleship USS Missouri. He sailed on it to Hawaii while covering the 50th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

He officially retired from KSDK in 1992, but Ray continues to work, part time, along with his friend Bob Garger, in the KSDK archives: sorting, cataloguing and creating a comprehensive film library. A member of the St. Louis Civil War Round Table for 45 years, Ray is also an OASIS tutor, and a volunteer at the Sappington Historic House and Museum. He and his wife Muriel have been married for 57 wonderful years.