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Dan Henry

From Disc Jockey to Host, Salesman to Weatherman, Dan Henry did it all. He joined WDAF in 1959 as a Disc Jockey at the AM radio station. In the mid 1960’s, Henry made his television debut on WDAF TV as a “Tea Time Host” and part-time weekend weatherman. In 1977 Dan became a full time weatherman but also continued to moonlight on the WDAF Sales team. He retired from WDAF in 1992.

In the years before meteorologists became the norm, Henry was a weather icon with his cheerful weather reports. He also excelled with his calm, severe weather coverage, delivered in his soothing baritone voice.

For 33 years Dan was a source of comfort for viewers and pride at WDAF.   And even though he has been retired for 23 years, people still remember him for the popular catchphrase, “Dan said it would be like this.”