Emmy Statue

John Thomas Martin


Tom started working at WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids,  MI in 1960 as a floor director, then an engineer.  He moved to KMOX-TV in 1969, which later became KMOV.  He started out working vacation relief so he learned everyone’s job.  He was an Assistant Supervisor in Central Control for 2 years and a Technical Director for four years.   He moved into TV News as a videographer in 1979. In January 1980 he went to Germany when the Iranian hostages were released, and again for TWA Flight 847, which was another hostage situation.  He went to Panama; British Honduras; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba twice; and Saudi Arabia just before Desert Storm. His son was sent to the war two weeks later from Germany.  He traveled on the press plane when Pope John Paul XXIII traveled to the U.S.  He covered the crash of TWA Flight 800.  He covered five national political conventions and two SuperBowl Championships, the Olympics in California; New York City when the country celebrated it’s 200th anniversary.  He worked NFL football for 18 years.

In the late 1990’s he learned the satellite truck on his own time, was trained on the new one in 2002.   He worked in all facets of news from fires and accidents to dangerous sting operations; some exciting, some gruesome, some boring and some once in  a lifetime experiences. He won three Emmy Awards and was nominated for several more.  He retired May 3rd, 2005 after 35 years at KMOV.