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Martin Duggen


Just before World War II, Martin Duggan was hired on at the Globe-Democrat. After serving in the Marine Corp, he returned to the paper, eventually becoming the editorial editor and a powerful conservative voice. Martin started with a few friends and an idea.  He said they should take their spirited political disagreements over to KETC Channel 9 and argue every week on TV.


They called the show Donnybrook, and it would become the highest rated local public affairs program in all of public television.  And this was Martin Duggan’s second career. When he retired from the paper in 1987, he took that voice and point of view to Donnybrook where he served as provocateur and shared the table with those from left, right and center. It was said of Martin Duggan that the only liberal thing about him was his friends. Under his guidance, the arguments on Donnybrook were always passionate, but never mean-spirited.