EMMY® Trademark & Promotion

There are strict guidelines regulating the display and promotion of the EMMY® statue. Please follow the guidelines set forth by the National office regarding acceptable ways to promote/advertise EMMY awards.


The EMMY® statue is a symbol of excellence in broadcasting and not of being the best. Recipients can’t claim to be the ‘best’.  The protocol that should be followed is for each winner to state that they were an Emmy® winner in a given category; nowhere in our rules, judging procedures or ballots  is it expressed or implied that winners are the ‘best’; they are ‘Emmy® recipients’ or “Emmy® winners”.  The spirit of the ‘standard of excellence’ should prevail.”


In accordance with the rules of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), regardless of station or company affiliation, individual recipient(s) retain possession of the Emmy® statuette. Emmy® Awards are presented to individuals, not their employers. Ownership of the statue is retained by the individual, even if an employer pays entry fees.


All publicity, advertising or any written reference undertaken by stations, nominees and award recipients to the Emmy® Awards, must clearly state that the awarded achievement is for a Regional Emmy® Award. The word “Regional” must appear in these instances. i.e. “Regional Emmy® Recipient for Outstanding Newscast”.

How To Care for Your EMMY® Statuette

The appropriate way to care for an Emmy is to use a soft damp cloth to wipe it  and a soft cloth to polish and dry it.  No chemicals or harsh abrasive should be used.  The Emmy is gold plated and has an epoxy lacquer overlay to protect the piece from the elements and human touch (hand oils).   Using the above suggestions will protect the Emmy’s lustrous finish for many, many years to come.


Names may never be added to an entry after Awards have been announced. Wording on the award winning statuette may never be altered.


Regional Emmy® Awards are presented to individuals, not to their employers. It is the individual entrant’s achievement that is being judged and recognized. Ownership of the Regional Emmy® statuette is retained by the individuals and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, even if an employer pays entry fees.


Recipients may not sell or give the statuette to anyone. The Regional Emmy® Award Statuette is the copyrighted and registered trademarked property of NATAS.


If a recipient or the recipient’s heir or successor in interest proposes to sell or otherwise dispose of the Regional Emmy® statue(ette), such persons shall be obligated to return the statue(ette) to NATAS which will retain the same in storage in memory of the recipient.

Stations, studios and production companies may order a commemorative statuette for public display at their place of business (up to a maximum of three per winning entry). The statuette is engraved the same as the actual Regional Emmy® Award, with the word “commemorative” added on the rear of the statuette. No additional or special wording is allowed

All publicity, advertising or any written reference undertaken by stations, nominees and award recipients to the Emmy® Awards, must clearly state that the awarded achievement is for a Regional Emmy® Award. The word “Regionalmust appear in these instances. i.e. “Regional Emmy® Recipient for Outstanding Newscast”. The recipient of a nomination or a Regional Emmy® Award or station/company may refer in advertising and publicity to the fact that they have been honored only for one year after the recognition was bestowed. They may use a replica of the Regional Emmy® statuette in such advertising. Individuals who significantly contributed to the production or craft but were not honored with a statuette cannot specifically advertise they are an Emmy® award recipient. They can only state they worked on the recognized program.

The statuette itself may not be reproduced or used in any other commercial manner without written permission from NATAS.


A ® registration mark and the appropriate copyright notice: © NATAS/Television Academy must accompany any portrayal of the Emmy® statuette or moniker.


The word “EMMY®” is also trademark and wherever possible its use should appear as follows: “EMMY®


Correct: I received a Mid-America Emmy® for outstanding… (category)


Incorrect: I won an Emmy® for best… (category)

The 2020 MID-AMERICA Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement go to…

1: Newscast-Morning/Daytime Markets 1-49

Linwood Tornado Aftermath - KMBC

Patrick Mirch, Producer

Michael Gant, Executive Producer

Kayla Schartz, Producer

KCTV 5AM - Linwood Tornado - KCTV

Michael Hedges, Technical Producer

Joe Chiodo, Anchor

Leslie Aguilar, Reporter

Rusty Glusing, Editor

Jennifer Feick, Producer

Brett Akagi, Field Producer

2: Newscast-Morning/Daytime Markets 50+

KARK 4 News at 4pm: Historic Flooding - KARK-KLRT

Matthew Sewell, Producer

3: Newscast-Evening 1-49

Tornado Emergency: "It Was Alive" - KMBC

Ciera Lundgren, Producer

4: Newscast-Evening 50-99

Picking Up the Pieces - KY3/KSPR

Andrea Brown, Producer

Historic Flooding - KATV

Nick Genty, News Director

5: Newscast – Evening Markets 100+

Barges hit Dam During Flood - KHBS/KHOG

Melody Kwok, Producer

6: Newscast Weekend

2 Shootings, 2 Days - KSDK

Suzanne Herman, Producer

Andrea Firestone, Executive Producer

7: General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours

Flooded House via SKY7 - KATV

Shelby Rose, Reporter

Brian Emfinger, Photojournalist

Richard Newman, Photojournalist

8: General Assignment Reporting - No Time Limit

Software Failure Leads to Wrongful Arrest - KSLA

Stacey Cameron, Chief Investigative Reporter & Executive Producer Of Investigations

9: Breaking News

Tornado Carves Devastating Path - KSHB

Sean Hirshberg, Executive Producer

Anna Carleton, News Producer

Ryan Kraus, News Director

Gary Lezak, Chief Meteorologist

Jon Rehagen, News Producer

Ariel Rothfield, Manager

Jordan Betts, News Reporter

Chris Morrison, Photographer

Giovanni Garcia, Photographer

Candi Laster, Executive Producer

10: Spot News

Family Unscathed After EF-3 Tornado - KATV

Shelby Rose, Reporter

Brian Emfinger, Photojournalist

11: Team Coverage

May Tornado Outbreak Coverage - KMBC

Ciera Lundgren, Producer

Bryan Busby, Chief Meteorologist

Katie Horner, Meteorologist

Johnny Rowlands, Pilot/Reporter

Patrick Brown, Photographer

Pete Grigsby, Meteorologist

12: Investigative Report – Single Story

Serial Squatters - KMOV

Mark Hadler, Photographer/Editor

Chris Nagus, Reporter

13: Investigative Report – Series

The Truth About Your Taxes - KCTV

Angie Ricono, Reporter

Ken Ullery, Photographer/Editor

Casey Clark, News Director

Greg Milota, Photographer/Editor

14: Feature News Report - Light Feature

Love Before First Sight - KSLA

Doug Warner, Reporter/Photographer/Editor Producer

Elfing - KOMU

Emily Spain, Reporter

15: Feature News Report- Serious Feature

Finding Justice for Tawnya Knight - KCTV

Joe Chiodo, Reporter

16: Continuing Coverage

You paid WHAT in property taxes? - KCTV

Angie Ricono, Reporter

Ken Ullery, Photographer and Editor

Casey Clark, News Director

Greg Milota, Photographer and Editor

17: News Special

Project Illinois: Justice for Ta'naja - WICS

Michael Truett, Executive Producer

Kelsey Mullins, Executive Producer

William Hatfield, Editor

Ana Espinosa, Producer

Christopher Losada, Graphics Editor

Justin Carter, Producer

18: Arts/Entertainment - News Story

Grain Bin Blues - WAND

Joseph Astrouski, Reporter

19: Arts/Entertainment- Program Feature Segment

Props to Alaina - HEC-TV

Angie Weidinger, Producer

Greg Kopp, Editor

Cecil Corbett, Photographer/Associate Producer

20: Arts/Entertainment - Program/Special

Room Tone - KCPT

Cody Boston, Producer

Morgan Cooper, Writer/Director

21: Business/Consumer - News Single Story/Program Feature Segment

Hidden Danger: Kids and Cars - KSDK

Chris Davis, Reporter/Editor

22: Education/Schools - News Single Story/Program Feature Segment

Education Inspiration - KSDK

Mike Bush, Reporter

Tom Stasiak, Videographer/Editor

Think Racism Doesn't Exist in 2019? - KCTV

Joe Chiodo, Anchor/Reporter

23: Health/Science - News Single Story

Dr Z Medical Marijuana - KMOV

Mark Hadler, Photographer/Editor

Chris Nagus, Reporter

24: Health/Science - Program Feature Segment

Changing the World: Lan Yang - HEC-TV

Kathleen Berger, Producer/Editor

Peter Foggy, Photographer

25: Environment - News Single Story/ Program Feature Segment

Frustrated Flooded Farmers - WDAF

John Holt, Reporter

Jon Haiduk, Photographer

26: Historic/Cultural - News Single Story/Feature

75 Years After Auschwitz Liberation - KSHB

Lindsay Shively, Reporter

Rex Harris, Editor

27: Historic/Cultural - Program Feature Segment

Hazel Walker's Arkansas Travelers - Arkansas PBS

Charles Eric White, Producer/Animator/Editor/Videographer

28: Politics/Government - News Story/Program Feature Segment

Kansas Agriculture Tax - KSHB

Andy Alcock, Reporter

29: Religion - News Story/Program Feature Segment

Providing Comfort for the People of Juarez - KTBS

Luana Munoz, Reporter and Photographer

30: Societal Concerns - News Single Story/Program Feature Segment

96 Hour Hold - KMOV

Mark Hadler, Photographer/Editor

Chris Nagus, Reporter

School Threats: Real Consequences - WPSD

Brianna Clark, Multimedia Journalist

31: Crime- News Single Story - Within 24 Hours

She's Up There with Jesus - KSDK

Morgan Young, Reporter

32: Crime - News Single Story/Series - No Time Limit

Fighting for Fawn - KCTV

Angie Ricono, Reporter

Ken Ullery, Editor

Casey Clark, News Director

Greg Milota, Photographer

33: Human Interest - News Single Story

Holly The Magnificent - KSDK

Frank Cusumano, Reporter

Tom Stasiak, Photographer/Editor

34: Human Interest - Program/Feature Segment

Surprise Squad - Todd Shelton's Story - KMOV

Brian Spencer, Executive Producer

Tony Getts, Creative Director

Matt Chambers, Producer/Writer

Daniel Martinez, Photographer

Brandon Bidwell, Photographer

Sierra Hancock, Photograher

Tom Ostertag, Audio Engineer

David Collins, Audio Engineer

Charles Delaney, Photographer

35: Human Interest - Program/Special

Fans Remember the St. Louis Browns - Nine Network

Kara Vaninger, Producer

Ed Wheatley, Executive Producer

36: Military- News Single Story/ Program Feature Segment

WWII Veteran Adolphus Thaddeus Watson - HEC TV

Cordell Whitlock, Producer/Writer/Narrator

Jacqui Poor, Post-Producer/Researcher

Peter Foggy, Director of Photography / Editor

37: Specialty Assignment Report- News Series

Not Enough Beds: Fighting For Emma - KCTV

Joe Chiodo, Reporter/Anchor

38: Specialty Assignment- Program/Special

Engineering Fire - University Of Illinois, Big Ten Network

Timothy Hartin, Producer

Kaitlin Southworth, Producer

Alison Davis Wood, Producer

Robin Kaler, Executive Producer

Eric Todd Wilson, Executive Producer

Kent Brown, Executive Producer

39: News Weathercast

Rain, Sleet or Snow - KTVI

Chris Higgins, Meteorologist

40: Documentary-Cultural

Code of Conduct - KSLA

Jayne Ruben, Executive Producer

Blane Skiles, Producer/Director

Bubba Kneipp, Videographer

Illinois Country - WILL

DJ Roach, Producer

Sarah Edwards, Director

41: Documentary - Historical

Land of Opportunity - KCPT

Nicholas Wiggins, Director/Producer

Cole Blaise, Producer

Cody Boston, Editor

Samuel Jones, Camera Operator

Nathaniel Bozarth, Producer

Christopher Cook, Animator

42: Informational/Instructional: Feature Segment

Making: Thunder Lodge Trading Company - KMOS

Christy Millen, Producer

Roy Millen, Producer

Eric Boedeker, Producer

43: Informational/Instructional/Program Special

Higher Octaves - KCPT

Brad Austin, Writer/Director/Producer

44: Interview/Discussion - Program

Pinch Me Moments with Mackenzi Lee - HEC-TV

Angie Weidinger, Host/Producer

Greg Kopp, Editor

Julie Winkle, Supervising Producer

Christina Chastain, Production Support

45: Lifestyle Program - Progam/Special

A Garden Home Christmas - Arkansas PBS

Brent Walker, Director of Photography

Patrick Green, Producer

CJ Burks, Producer

Ed V. Cereal: Master Class - Coolfire

Terry Crouppen, Producer

Andy Crouppen, Producer

Edward Herman, Producer

Jerem Corray, Director

Josh McNew, Director of Photography

46: Magazine Program

Missouri Life TV: Route 66 Pt. 2 - The Evoke Group

Austin Kolb, Director of Photography

Meredith Hoenes, Host (On-Camera)

Will Moore, Producer

Evan Wood, Executive Producer

Spotlight: Local Women Artists - HEC-TV

Jayne Ballew, Executive Producer

Colby Marshall, Editor

Julie Tristan, Show Producer/Host

Paul Schankman, Producer/Editor

Brenda Kimberlin, Producer

Julie Winkle, Producer

Kelly Maue, Producer

Suzanne Vanderhoef, Producer

Greg Kopp, Editor

47: Public/Current/Community Affairs - Feature/Segment

The Onion House - HEC-TV

Julie Tristan, Photographer/Writer/Editor

48: Public/Current/Community Affairs - Program/Special

The Blue River - English Landing Films

Michael Price, Writer/Producer/Editor/Camera

49: Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports) Live or Edited

Evergy & The Elders Kansas City - WDAF

Kathy Quinn, Associate Producer

Andreina Byrne, Director/Executive Producer

50: Interstitial

The Craft of Allen Edmonds - Once Films

Chris Ryan, Producer

51: Short Format Program

Face To Face - The Storyteller Studios

Josh Hester, Producer

Chris Costello, Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Street Medicine - Once Films

Chris Ryan, Director

Kim Van Oosten, Producer

Brian Reardon, Producer

52: Branded Content Program - Short Form (10 minutes or less)

Cheers to 100 - 160over90

Keith Kennedy, Director

Daniel Stewart, Assistant Director

53: Branded Content Program - Long Form (Longer than 10 minutes)

Laila: The Next Season - St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Travis Ulmer, Creator

Matt Collins, Creator

Tim Wilson, Director

Megan Perez, Associate Producer

54: Sports - News Single Story

Sportsmanship - KSDK

Frank Cusumano, Reporter

Randy Schwentker, Photographer/Editor

55: Sports - News Feature

Friendship Binds Star Quarterback - KATV

Kyle Deckelbaum, Multimedia Journalist

56: Sports - Program Feature/Segment

The Franchise: Divisional Round - KC CHIEFS

Dane Van Why, Producer/Editor

Luke Benna, Producer

57: Sports- Daily or Weekly Program

The Franchise - KC CHIEFS

Dane Van Why, Producer/Editor

Luke Benna, Producer/Editor

58: Sports – Interview/Discussion

Chiefs Field Pass - AFC Championship - KC CHIEFS

Anna Tobkin, Producer

BJ Kissel, Host

Glenn Connelly, Producer

Shawn Barber, Analyst

Matt McMullen, Analyst

Mitch Holthus, Analyst

59: Sports - One Time Special

The Franchise: Super Bowl - KC CHIEFS

Dane Van Why, Producer/Editor

Luke Benna, Producer/Editor

John Mathews, Producer/Editor

60: Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited

Albert Pujols Returns to St. Louis - Fox Sports Midwest

Bryan Schapiro, Producer

Larry Mago, Executive Producer

Bill Cochran, Coordinating Producer

61: Community/Public Service (PSAs) - Single Spots or Campaigns

Cross-Lines Community Outreach: Winston's Story - Midwest Health

David Eulitt, Photographer and Editor

62: News Promo - Single Spot

Ole Miss Murder - KSDK

Courtney Ittner, Producer/Videographer/Editor

63: News Promo - Campaign / Image

FOX4 70th Anniversary Campaign - WDAF

Daniel Horner, Producer/Cinematographer/Editor

Danielle Ray, Creative Services Director/Producer

64: Program Promo - Single Spot or Campaign (Non-News)

For Those Still Curious - KCPT

Cole Blaise, Producer

JP Haley, Producer

Emily Harris, Producer

KMBC Chronicle: The Osborn Wind Project - KMBC

Leah Foster, Producer

65: Program Promo – Sports

60th Season Promo - KC Chiefs

Seth Tanner, Executive Producer

66: Commercial - Single Spot

Dreams Do Come True - Spot Content Studio

Daniel Allen, Director/Editor

Alvaro Aro, Photographer

Sanford Mendelson, Audio Engineer

67: Commercial - Campaign

MyKC // Chris Goode, Ruby Jeans Juicery - Proximity

Chris Thompson, Producer

Matt Terwilliger, Director

Joseph Pollock, Director of Photography

Micah Blosser, Camera Operator

Oliver Hughes, Sound

Rockhurst University - Change the World - Rockhurst University

Dave Hunt, Producer

Nathan Kincaid, Producer/Videographer

Trevor Hawkins, Producer/Videograhper

68: Overall Excellence


Sarah Smith, General Manager

69: News Excellence


Dan O'Donnell, News Director

70: Community Service

Thursday's Child - WDAF

Sherae Honeycutt, Host

71: Journalistic Enterprise

Investigations and Documentaries - KMBC

Matt Flener, Reporter

72: Audio – Live or Post Production

The Science of Blues Hockey - Coolfire

Brent Johnson, Sound Design

73: Musical Composition/Arrangement

Backroads - WILL

John Pennell, Composer

Graham Edwards, Composer

74: Director – Live or Recorded Live (PL Track is Preferred)

Fox Sports Midwest

Tom Mee, Director

75: Director - Non-Live (Post-Produced)

Men & Women of Distinction: Mike Beebe - Arkansas PBS

Kathryn Tucker, Director

76: Editor - Program

Ed V. Facebook - Coolfire

Edward Herman, Editor

Roxanne Lingua, Editor

77: Editor - Short Form (Promo, PSA, Commerical)

Cheers to 100 - 160over90

Keith Kennedy, Editor

Daniel Stewart, Editor

78: Editor - News

Fox Sports Midwest

Krystal Hall, Editor

79: Graphics/Animation - News/Program

National Rollercoaster Day - Aligned Media

James Ortwerth, Animator

Nicole Pappas, Animator

80: Talent/Anchor-News

Catastrophe, Champs and Covid - KCTV

Ellen McNamara, Anchor

81: Talent - Anchor - Weather

Beyond the Weather App - KY3/KSPR

Abby Dyer, Meteorologist

82: Talent - Anchor - Sports


Mick Shaffer, Sports Director

83: Talent - Performer/Host

Ed V. Cereal: Master Class - Coolfire

Edward Herman, Host

84: Talent - Sports Announcer Play-by-Play

Fox Sports Midwest

Dan McLaughlin, Play by Play Announcer

85: Talent: Reporter


PJ Randhawa, Investigative Reporter

86: Photographer - Program

The Craft of Allen Edmonds - Once Films

Chris Ryan, Photographer

87: Photographer - News


Randy Schwentker, Photojournalist

88: Writer: Program/Program Feature (Non-News)


Paul Schankman, Writer

89: Writer - News


John Holt, Writer

90: News Producer


Hailee Hopkins, Producer

91: Video Journalist

The Sad Story Of Harry Ashcrac - KTVI

Wade Smith, Multimedia Journalist