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2021 Mid-America Emmy® Awards

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EMMY® Rules


Producers, craft persons and other eligible entrants as listed on the entry form receive the Emmy® statuette. Eligible entrants must have significant, creative, and hands-on involvement in the actual production of the video that is submitted. Roles peripheral to the actual video production (proposal/grant writing, research, fundraising, general supervision, etc.) are not substantial enough to be considered in this competition. Executive Producers and management personnel (such as News Directors) are not eligible for Emmy® statuettes unless directly involved in the hands-on production of the work submitted. Those who serve in a managerial or supervisory role only should not be listed on the entry. To be considered, Executive Producers, General Managers, News Directors or other management personnel must have directly participated in the execution of the video. In such cases, a written request outlining the person’s involvement should be submitted via email to the Chapter’s awards committee for approval. Note: General Managers are statuette eligible for the Overall Excellence category. News Directors are statuette eligible for the News Excellence category. In the Craft Achievement categories, those who actually perform a specific discipline receive the Emmy® statuette. Supervising or directing the work of others does not qualify except for achievements in directing categories. Emmy® Awards are presented to individuals, not to their employers. It is the individual entrant’s achievement that is being judged and recognized, even if an employer pays entry fees. Others who work on a nominated or recognized entry may order contributor certificates or plaques. Individuals who did not receive a statuette, but were eligible for production certificates and/or plaques are not considered Emmy® recipients.


As a courtesy, stations, studios, production companies and other Chapter-approved organizations may order a commemorative statuette for public display at their place of business. The statuette is engraved the same as the original Emmy® Award, with the word “commemorative” added. Neither the organization’s name nor any other special wording may be engraved in place of where the individual’s name and position would usually appear. Commemorative Emmy® statuettes cannot be ordered for individuals.


All publicity, advertising or any written reference undertaken by nominees and award recipients to the Emmy® Awards, must clearly state that the awarded achievement is for a Regional Emmy® Award. The word “Regional” must appear in these instances. The recipient of a nomination or an Emmy® Award may refer in advertising and publicity to the fact that they have been honored only for one year after the recognition was bestowed. They may use a replica of the Emmy® statuette in such advertising. Individuals who significantly contributed to the production or craft but were not honored with a statuette cannot specifically advertise they are an Emmy® Award recipient. They can only state they worked on the recognized program.


The Emmy® name and the Emmy® statuette are the trademarked property of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (“Television Academy”) and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (“National Academy”). Additionally, the Emmy® name, logo and statuette are licensed to the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (“International Academy”) for International Emmy®s. The National Academy adopted the following rules regarding use of these properties, as follows; Use by Emmy® Honorees and Nominees, and Sponsorship Partners of Emmy® Name and Emmy® Statuette in Advertising and Publicity. Sponsorship partners of the National Academy may, clearly, identify themselves as associated with the National Academy. Sponsorship partners may not use the Emmy® name and logo on their products or in advertising material with one exception: In print, online, and Point of Sale advertising which includes a tune-in message (i.e. “Tune into/Watch the Emmy® Awards show on ___”). Sponsorship partners may accompany the tune-in message with the Emmy® name and logo, as long as the National Academy is satisfied that the message does not imply a tie-in to the show and that the text and graphics are approved by the National Academy’s marketing department. During each year Emmy® nominees or those congratulating them may refer in advertising and publicity to the fact that the nominee has been nominated and, provided that such nominees are clearly identified as such, may during the period from the announcement of nominations until the following awards presentation use a replica of the statuette subject to the requirements set forth below. Broadcasters, cable services and Internet sites may use the Emmy® name and statuette in connection with promotional announcements for programs or broadcasters (or the like) which in fact have been awarded an Emmy® as long as it is done within one (1) year after the awarded has been awarded and not thereafter. Subject to obtaining specific authorization from the CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER of the National Academy, sponsors of Emmy® Awards presentation may use a copy of the Emmy® statuette and the Emmy® name in advertising provided that (i) the advertising occurs at or near the time of the presentation of the Awards show and (ii) advertising makes specific reference to such sponsorship of the show. No other commercial use of the Emmy® name or statuette is permitted.

Use of Emmy® Name and Emmy® Statuette in Productions, Publications, Websites, and the Like

Although the National Academy will permit certain uses of the Emmy® name and statuette in other contexts, the unrestricted use of the same violates both the value and stature of the Emmy® and may serve to dilute the marks. Therefore the following uses, although permitted under some circumstances, always require prior express written authorization from the CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER of the National Academy: Uses on Stationery, Business Cards, and the like: Nothing shall preclude an individual or entity from stating the fact that such individual or entity is an Emmy® honoree on their/its stationery or business card, provided that neither the Emmy® logo nor the statuette is used in connection with such factual statement, it being understood that any such use of the logo or the statuette is specifically prohibited. Use of Emmy® Name or Statuette in Merchandising Prohibited: The Emmy® name and/or statuette may not be used on commercial products or in connection with any merchandising items except with prior approval of the Boards of the Academies.

Requirement to Specify in Advertisements and Other Publicity Whether the Emmy® Nominated For or Awarded is a National or Regional Chapter Emmy® Award

Emmy® nominees using the Emmy® name or Emmy® statuette in advertising or publicity must clearly indicate in such advertising or publicity whether the nomination is for a national Emmy® award or a local Emmy® chapter award. Emmy® honorees using the Emmy® name or Emmy® statuette in advertising or publicity must clearly indicate in such advertising or publicity whether the Emmy® award received was a national Emmy® award or a local Emmy® chapter award. Advertisements and publicity for local Emmy® chapter awards must clearly state the chapter’s name and locality. Rights to use the Emmy® name or Emmy® statuette in advertising or publicity granted by local NATAS chapters must pertain solely to the granting chapter and its specific geographic area.


Sean Streaty

Decatur, IL

Fred Gamble

Shreveport, LA

John Paul

University of Illinois
Champaign, IL

Judy Fraser

Champaign, IL

Bill Evans

Paducah, KY

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